Hello, we are Melbourne Arts Club.

We are not a club as such, but we liked the name and journal was already taken. We represent, curate and document the arts and arty type things in Melbourne via our website.

We like art. Not wank. We don’t really use the terms ‘immersive experience’, ‘liminal’ or ‘spacial engagement’. We like plain language, with pictures. Lots of pictures. We like pictures. And Melbourne. Think of us as a metaphorical cultural pipe funneling cool art and interesting ideas to you with a smile on our faces and beers in our hands.

We promote arts and culture events in Melbourne via our digital channels. We curate arts events for emerging artists. We interrogate artists and curators via Q&A’s. We do other stuff too, somethings…

Who we are:

J Forsyth – Founder/Director

Many years ago, J discovered her early childhood was missing from the family photo albums. The parents informed her that film became prohibitively expensive, so photography was a luxury to be foregone. J’s attraction to photography increased when she saw the power those lost years had, fostering her fancy for photography.

J’s love for art became more and more apparent in every place she traveled to, seeking out the galleries and absorbing the culture. With an extreme hate for organised tours, J learned that this was an insightful way to learn about a place and its people and pay respect to the artists and their talents.

Living back in Melbourne and working as a professional photographer, J realised that while there are lifestyle publications there isn’t one just for art, art the friendly way and with the help of a friend started Melbourne Arts Club.

Website: www.jnotjay.com
Instagram: @jnotjay_forsyth

Julia Howland – Hustler

Art history, psychology, fine arts, sociology and taking a year off Uni to fuck about sums up this writer/semi-photographer/hustler to Melbourne Arts Club.

Julia likes most things hipsters like and most things they don’t like. She is by no means a slave to her surroundings but certainly a product of her environment. She likes to connect with people. She likes to sit down and talk about the woes of everyday life and the importance of not wasting food. Art however, is her one true love.

People and the arts have found their way into her seemingly directionless life and have manifested themselves as Melbourne Arts Club.

Email: julia@melbourneartsclub.com
Instagram: @julia_howland

Lauren Guymer – Events


Lauren Guymer is an emerging visual artist with a Bachelor in Communication Design. In early 2015 Lauren first exhibited her work in a group show at MAC, and later interned as a gallery assistant. Since then she has stuck around for good. Art has always been her thing, and is passionate about creating a supportive network for artists.

Lauren is MAC’s multi-tasking admin and events queen, and sometimes designer/interviewer/gallery assistant.

Website: www.laurenguymer.com
Instagram: @lauren_guymer


We at Melbourne Arts Club are here to document, curate and represent. If you have a question about our content, download our code of ethics. If you have any further queries, please email us directly at info@melbourneartsclub.com