Wreck Yo’Self #157

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Wreck Yo’Self… We dare you!

Julie Bradley for Brunswick St Gallery, opening Friday 9 June 6-9pm

Friday 9 June

Brunswick St Gallery: Opening night of Stone Upon Stone by Julie Bradley, Wow Colour Exploded​ by Eddy Burger, Severed Rot by Isabella Foster, Things We Cannot Say by Baaqiy Ghazali & Janis Nah, Stone and Wood by Nicole Hunt, Champagne Lifestyle after a Beer Budget​ by Leith Kennedy, Emotions have no gender, don’t lock yours in the dark curated by Jessica Harris and New Works by Zamviza​, Zamviza, 6-9pm. Exhibition runs until 21 June. [Fitzroy]

Anna Pappas Gallery: Opening night of Tim Bučković’s 1536 and George Raftopoulos’ deKonstruKt, 6-8pm. Exhibition runs until 30 July. [Prahan]

George Raftopoulos for Anna Pappas Gallery, opening Friday 9 June, 6-8pm

Saturday 10 June

Counihan Gallery: Artist & Curator talks on exhibiting and practice, from 2:30-4:30pm. [Brunswick]

Gertrude Contemporary @ Gertrude Glasshouse: Opening night of Adelle Mills’ Posture Carriages, from 4-6pm. Exhibition runs until 1 July. [Collingwood]

Intra//Liminal  is a group show curated by Shasta Stevic and Caigan Meade, showcasing artists from the Bass Coast Region. Opening from 6pm with food and fun galore! [Cowes]

Neospace: Opening night of Enrique Tochez Anderson’s Morphologies, 2-4pm. Exhibition runs until 25 June. [Collingwood]

Daine Singer: Opening night of Noriko Nakamura’s Harvest, 3-5pm. [CBD]

Noriko Nakamura for Daine Singer, opening Saturday 10 June, 3-5pm

Words: Julia Howland
Images: Courtesy of the artist/gallery. All rights reserved

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