Melbourne Arts Club was created with the idea that we wanted to create a space to everyone.

Then we realised that most people are assholes.

So we decided to create a space for nice people, making cool shit.


J Forsyth

Many Years ago, J discovered her early childhood was missing from the family photo albums. The Parental unit informed her that film became prohibitively expensive, so photography was a luxury to be foregone.

J's attraction to photography increased when she saw the power those lost years had, fostering her fancy for photography.

J's love for photography and art become more and more apparent in every place she travelled to, seeking out the different galleries and absorbing the culture. With an extreme hate for organised tours, J learned that this was an insightful way to learn about a place and its people and pay respect to the artists and their talents.

Living back in Melbourne and working as a professional photographer, J realised that while there are lifestyle publications there isn't one just for art, art the friendly way and with the help of a friend started Melbourne Arts Club.