1.   About

1.1 Melbourne Arts Club is not a club, as such, but we liked the name and journal was already taken. Originally started in 2012 by Melbourne based photographers, J Forsyth and Andy Donohoe, Melbourne Arts Club sets out to document Melbourne’s art scene through word and image.

1.2  We have grown into a group of writers, photographers, artists and art lovers who have bandied together to bring Melbourne’s vibrant art scene to you, the good people of our great city. We think art should be accessible to everyone and we want to be apart of your creative experience.

1.3  This blog reflects how we see our city and the artistic happenings it beholds. Melbourne Arts Club accepts fair responsibility as a content publisher; however, we do not see ourselves as art critics and do not offer critical analysis of people’s work. We do not aspire to do this either. Instead, we offer our opinions. Sometimes we are funny and sometimes we are serious.

2.   Values

2.1  These are the key values that motivate and hold Melbourne Arts Club to account:

2.1.1 Honesty – MAC is attracted to authenticity, transparency and sincerity. This blog reflects those values.

2.1.2 Accessibility – MAC believes everyone should be encouraged to enjoy the many and varied creative practices that live and breathe around us. We do not subscribe to pretentious or elitist behaviour. Instead, we want to break down the barriers.

2.1.3 Positivity – MAC does not exist to pass on negative judgement to artists pursuing their goals. If we don’t like it, we don’t write about it.

2.1.4 Collaboration – MAC loves to work together with assorted creative types and the industry to help grow the community.

2.1.5 Fun – We embrace life, creativity and optimism.

3. Code of Conduct – This is how Melbourne Arts Club puts its values into practice.

3.1 Accountability

3.1.1 Accurately reflect the facts, such as artist/gallery name, address etc.

3.1.2 Stand behind our content and claims

3.1.3 Understand what we post could potentially affect the livelihood of one or many people.

3.1.4 All requests for corrections will be reviewed within a reasonable timeframe. When a correction is required, it will be noted and corrected within a reasonable timeframe.

3.2 Disclosure

3.2.1 Where a post may be positively or negatively affected by an emotional or financial connection, this should be disclosed.

3.2.2 Currently, we are not handling any sponsored posts, none of our posts has been written because of any financial incentive. If this does happen in the future, these sponsored posts will be declared.

3.2.3 If one of our team is showing work in an exhibition and we cover it, this information will be disclosed.

3.2.4 Any future advertisers or sponsors will be disclosed on the Melbourne Arts Club website.

3.3 Attribution

3.3.1 Melbourne Arts Club will not plagiarise. Content sourced form third parties will be acknowledged.

3.3.2 MAC holds a strong focus on photography. All our images are our own and are attributed to the photographer at the top of each post.

3.3.3 MACs interest in collaboration brings guest writers and photographers to share opinions. All writers and photographers are attributed at the top of each post.

3.4 Editorial Discretion

3.4.1 Blog content is totally at the discretion of Melbourne Arts Club.


3.5.1 MAC will reject comments that contain personal attacks, expletives and any other offensive content.

3.5.2 MAC will approve negative and positive comments that are made using respectful and courteous tone and vocabulary.

3.6 Privacy

3.6.1 Email addresses of visitors who comment on Melbourne Arts Club posts will not be used or passed on to any other third parties, unless prior permission has been expressly given.

3.6.2 Names and email addresses of entrants in Melbourne Arts Club competition will only be used for the purpose of the competition and not for any other purposes and will not be passed on to any other third parties unless prior permission has been expressly given.


Acknowledgment – Thank you to Thang Ngo of for his guidance in the creation of this code of ethics. -->