Shasta Stevic

After leaving behind her career as a lawyer, Shasta has spent the last two years experimenting with different artistic mediums and disciplines. She has lived and arted in Melbourne, Hobart and Phillip Island in Australia and overseas in Serbia and Iceland.

She is particularly interested in using unconventional methods of storytelling and installation to explore contemporary themes and develop narratives around subjects such as civilisation, progress, so-called technological and scientific advancement, and the worrying divide between humans and nature.

In 2017 she founded Intra//Liminal with her brother (and artist) Caigan Meade. Intra//Liminal is an ongoing project showcasing the work of talented young artists from the Bass Coast region of Victoria. 

At the end of 2017, Shasta will head to Iceland for a 10-week artist residency and to participate in the Skammdegi Mid-winter Arts Festival on a joint project with Caigan in February 2018. 


Exhibition set up LungA copy.jpg and

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Curating and mixed media installations

Unusual/funny fact: Didn't understand how jigsaw puzzles worked until I got glasses in kindergarten (and I could finally see the cracks between the pieces)

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