J Forsyth

I am a photographer, I take photos mostly with point and shoot 35mm cameras. I don't have a process or method as such, I always carry a camera and I take photos of what surrounds me if it interests me in the moment. Particularly suburban and small town buildings, construction sites, and spaces that represent people, but don't necessarily have people in them. 




Photography, mostly 35mm

Unusual/funny fact: My first name is just the letter J thanks to my hippy parents. That's right, my birth certificate and passport have "J" as my first name. It's fun at parties but the internet hates it and i receive nearly all emails addressed to Julia, Jane, Mr, Sir, John, or Jade.

J Forsyth, Stony Point Train, 35mm Photography, 20 x 30 in, $250 unframed $500 framed, 1 of 10.jpg
J Forsyth, Portland Oregon, 35MM Photograph, 20 x 30 in, $500-1.jpg
J Forsyth,  Volcano Horse ride Quilatoa Ecuador 2009, photograph, 20 x 30 in, $500.jpg
J Forsyth, Ocean Cenigan, 35mm Photography, 20 x 30in, $250 unframed $500 framed, 1 of 10.jpg