112 Weddings at MIFF

Words - Kate Forsyth

There are a lot of wedding movies out there. And a lot of wedding television. Frankly, I believe them all to be small screen masterpieces and cinematic triumphs. But perhaps I am a wedding loving freak and a serial marrier. I have only been married twice, but my recurring nightmare is that I become Melbourne’s own Liz Taylor.

112 Weddings Dogwoof Documentary Heather Bachelorette Photos 4Photos courtesy of 112 weddings and DogWolf

So as you can imagine, I was all keyed up and ready to roll on Saturday morning at Kino, lining up with the other early morning MIFF enthusiasts.

112 Weddings is a documentary by film maker Doug Block who has been shooting New York weddings to top up his film making income for the past 20 years. Block straddles the second job/income dilemma that so many people in the arts understand perfectly.

112 Weddings Dogwoof FilmsPhotos courtesy of 112 weddings and DogWolf

The film switches between footage of some very eighties but mostly nineties weddings, complete with officially ghastly dresses, hair dos and suits, and the now-older couples talking about what they thought marriage would be like, and well, the good old reality of life as the degree of difficulty increases with the march of time and the addition of children, illness, infidelity and what not.

112 Weddings Dogwoof Documentary FilmsPhotos courtesy of 112 weddings and DogWolf

Block takes you on a rollercoaster ride; there are many laughs and some heart wrenching moments punctuated by a few tears from yours truly. His unsentimental såtudy of how our expectations play out is truly fascinating and reminded me of the old cliché that life is a journey and there is no destination. Best results come when we keep going.

I proclaim it to be an excellent film for people who are fascinated by people. It’s also a superb reminder of how hideous the nineties were. Don’t be fooled people; they were as bad as the eighties.

Doug Block 112 Weddings Dogwoof DocumentaryDoug Block, Photos courtesy of 112 weddings and DogWolf

112 Weddings screens Thursday 14 August at 9pm, tickets selling fast, click HERE to buy tickets.

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