Adult Level 1000

Words and Photos - Evan Mery @dream_offal

What: Adult Level 1000

Where: Daisylegs, 191 Swan Street Richmond 3121

When: 8 - 29 October 2015

Adult Level 1000-7

Who: Artwork by Madison Griffiths

Adult Level 1000-4

Why: As I looked around the gallery space I got a strong sense like I witnessed the inner thoughts of a 20-something as they wander through the all important "becoming-an-adult" phase of life. Through cool minimal illustrations and often hilarious quotes, Adult Level 1000 presents a snapshot of diary entry ramblings and nonsensical text messages. If you're at the stage of life where a sense of  'getting your shit together" is looming over your shoulder or if you just like awesome artwork in a cool space this is an exhibition worth checking out.

Adult Level 1000-1

Adult Level 1000-6

Adult Level 1000-8

Adult Level 1000-3

Adult Level 1000-11

Adult Level 1000-2

Adult Level 1000-9

Adult Level 1000-5