Words - Melissa Forsyth

Fashion and style blogs are everywhere. Gorgeous, slim, dewy-faced 20 something’s donning carefully ‘curated outfits’ in a range of must-visit locations has become this generations style script.

Inspiring, uplifting, creative, and original? Um…perhaps not, ok maybe sometimes.

Advanced Style Dogwoof Documentary FilmPhotos - Courtesy of Advanced Style.

Ari Seth Cohen’s blog Advanced Style and documentary of the same name has caught the attention of many because it focuses on a different style point of view.  Advanced Style chronicles the stylish, creative and often eccentric outfits of a crowd that is largely ignored by the fashion community. Senior Citizens.

Advanced Style Dogwoof DocumentaryPhotos - Courtesy of Advanced Style

Advanced Style, the documentary examines the lives of seven New York women aged between 62 to 95 who’s personal style and spirit challenge conventional ideas about ageing, beauty and style.

These women no longer care what others think and no longer feel the need to impress or conform. Trends are meaningless, instead they craft outfits carefully over many years, painstakingly caring for and collecting pieces that mix with with their personal style. You get the distinct impression that their passion and zest for life is deeply entwined in their love of fashion.

The seniors in this film offer proof that getting older does not exclude you from being fabulous.

Advanced Style Dogwoof Documentary FilmsPhotos - Courtesy of Advanced Style

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