Alternating Current Art Space Grand Opening

Photos - J Forsyth WHAT: Alternating Current Art Space – Grand Opening Exhibition ‘Chalk and Cheese’, a group show featuring over 27 artists from a range of disciplines who have contributed to the identity of Alternating Current Art Space. A traditional, well polished art space with a twist, Alternating Current Art Space has twilight opening hours during the week so people with the more traditional work schedule can pop in after work during the week.

AC_opening night-1 WHERE: 248 High Street, Windsor.

WHEN: Open until 24 April. Opening Night Event 6-8pm. Gallery opening hours: Wednesday to Friday 3-8pm & Saturday and Sunday 11am -3pm

WHO: Artists - Alana Wilkie, Allen de Carteret, Andrea Hughes, Anna Prifti, Annette Chang, Anthea Kemp, Ara Dolatian, Cathy Muhling, Eva Abbinga, Jessica Ledwich, Kate Wallace, Kate Walsh, Lilach Mileikowski, Lyndall Smythe, Michele Donegan, Myra McElhinney, Nanou Dupuis, Naomi Nicholls, Olga Tsara, Polly Hollyoak, Penny Darling, Sarah Randall, Sarah Walker, Senye Shen, Steve May, Simon Watts, Wendy Busch.

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