Words - Jerram Wurlod

Yes it’s true! Visual artists and film makers do exist in Australia outside of Melbourne. Thanks to a new initiative from ABC Arts and Screen West we here in Melbourne have the chance to pull our heads out of some graph art and bar ridden back alley and see it for ourselves.

1a. THE BAD GUY_Abdul Studio profile smiling, copyright Pick Productions, courtesy Mat de KoningImage courtesy of Art X West

Art x West is a series of short documentaries being shown on ABC iview and the ABC Arts website from 9 August . The series is comprised of West Australian artist and film makers. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect.

Pilar Mata Dupont – The Nation Between

Written and Directed by Sam Bhodhi Field

Produced by Alice Ross

An artistic study of cultural identity Video Artist Pilar Mata Dupont takes us through her personal struggle with cultural identity and that of Australia and its national identity. Much of her video art is featured in the film which leaves you wanting more.


2. THE BAD GUY_Abdul_Abdullah_Abdul LCD Shot, copyright owner Alex Yates..Image courtesy of Art X West

Pippin Drysdale and Warrick Palmateer -  The Perfect Thing

Directed by Chad Peacock

Produced by Lauren McDonough

An endearing story about prolific pottery artists Pippin Drysdale and Warrick Palmateer. What at first strikes you as an odd pairing soon reveals itself as a perfect match. Pippin is a 71 year old pottery artist who has teamed up with Walter who is the master of the ‘throw’. Hailing from very different backgrounds it’s fascinating to see how these two team up and create some incredible pieces that have been exhibited the world over.


Adul Abdullah – The Bad Guy

Directed by Mat de Koning and Brooke Tia Silcox

Produced by Brooke Tila Silcox

Abdul is an Australian Muslim who relishes the challenge of exploring Australia’s current day nationalism and its relationship with the Ilsamic faith. Abdul is a no holds barred in your face artist who craves the challenge of confronting people about their misgivings and stereotypes associated with Islam. Although he certainly displays a tough guy attitude (in both his art and his recreational past time; boxing) there is a gentle honesty to him that more than validates his work.


11. THE NATION BETWEEN_PMD_08_Ash Charlton & PilarImage courtesy of Art X West

Olga Cironis – Embodiment

Written and Directed By Melisa Hayward

Produced by Tennille Kennedy and Georgina Isles

Curios artist who’s main artistic medium is human hair. Somewhat unsettling I found myself compelled to keep watching as she reveals ever more obscure pieces. Not for the squeamish among us. The film makers did answer one of my questions though; ‘what does her family think of her choice of materials’?


10. THE NATION BETWEEN_PMD_06_Sam Field & PilarImage courtesy of Art X West

Tim Burns – The One They Tried to Put Back

Produced and Directed by Amelia Phillips

Cinematography and Co-Direction by Daniel Gallagher

Perhaps the most intriguing documentary in the series. We meet Tim Burns a lifetime artist who grew up and continues to live in the wheat belt of Western Australia. Tim has caused his fair share of commotion over many years with his films, installation pieces and love of explosives. Fantastic cinematography does justice to Tim’s home and surroundings which is clearly a work in and of itself.


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