Artist Inquisition: Kitt Bennett

In the lead up to his new solo exhibition 'Onwards & Inwards' opening at Juddy Roller on 2 December 2016, we had a chat with Melbourne based visual artist and muralist Kitt Bennett.  Focusing on topics of individuality, existence and the mysterious phenomena that surrounds us, his highly detailed illustrations and murals will blow your mind, to say the least...

kittbennett_catalogue_page_02Kitt Bennett in his studio, photo by @p1xels

Hey Kitt! Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your artistic background?

Well, I’m a Melbourne based artist/illustrator. Since finishing a bachelor of illustration I have worked out of Juddy Roller studios. I mainly work with ink on paper for smaller stuff as well as a few spicy murals here and there.

We’re really excited to hear about your upcoming solo exhibition Onwards & Inwards opening at Juddy Roller on December 2! Can you tell us more about it?

In a nutshell the show is about philosophies on reality. I’m interested in apophenia, which is creating meaning between unrelated phenomena. In this exhibition I’m using a series of comic style illustrations on paper to humorously provoke ideas on reality. #cosmicmold.

unnamed'Brainstorm', by Kitt BennettImage courtesy of artist, all rights reserved.

Your work is incredibly detailed and complex, both visually and conceptually. How did your ideas for the show develop, and has it been a long time coming?

I’ve been working on this show for a while on and off between other things. It’s been challenging because naturally over time ideas and concepts develop. I’m never usually happy with exhibitions because by the end I would have done everything differently.

What is your favourite piece in Onwards & Inwards, and why? 

Probably the piece titled OBJECTS1. I set out to draw every item in my studio. To create a portrait of my self through the objects I surround myself with.

objects1'OBJECTS1' by Kitt Bennett. Image courtesy of artist, all rights reserved.

Can you please walk us through your process and the materials you use?

Process usually starts with research and idea generation, drawing or thinking. I write any ideas down and make a list. Lists are the most important part of my life. I’d be lost with out lists. Then as quickly as possible I will draw the idea using pens and paper so I don’t lose interest and start something else. I think you have to move fast when it comes to creating art.

Animation by Kitt Bennett. Courtesy of artist, all rights reserved.

Who or what do you turn to for inspiration on days when creativity isn’t flowing?

Aha. I’m not sure. Creativity comes and goes depending on how I’m feeling. It’s about picking the days I’m feeling in the zone. If you’re not in the zone there’s no point. Hit snooze

This is your first major solo exhibition, have you learnt anything new or come across any challenges?

I’ve had a couple of small solo shows. One I created all the drawings in one day and hung it that night. The other one was in a public toilet. But this is my first major exhibition. As I mentioned before, the main challenge is ideas changing and developing over time. But I guess that’s a good thing.

kittbennett_catalogue_page_06'Realesteak' by Kitt Bennett. Image courtesy of artist, all rights reserved.

What are some of your favourite things about being an artist in Melbourne?

It keeps me really busy. And I have to be constantly doing stuff or turn into a mad yabbie

..And the worst?

Not sure. That will come later in life when I haven’t saved any super and wish I finished my apprenticeship

Do you have any words of advice for other artists?

I find keeping a pocket-sized sketchbook pretty essential.

kittbennett_catalogue_page_10'Onwards & Inwards' by Kitt Bennett. Image courtesy of artist, all rights reserved.

And lastly, what are you working on next after your exhibition?

I’m over drawing on paper at the moment. I want to do more outdoor painting and I’ve started a list for a potential sculpture exhibition.

Thanks legend!


Onwards & Inwards opens on December 2 from 6pm at Juddy Roller Studio, Fitzroy. For more information please visit, and RSVP to the show via Facebook.

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