Artist Inquisition: Ryan Good

Words: Lauren GuymerImages: Courtesy of artist

As part of our ongoing Artist Inquisition series we caught up with Ryan Good who is performing in two Melbourne Fringe shows, and directing a third! Check out what he has to say..

cosmonaut2Image courtesy of artist.

Who is Ryan Good?

A loud, language obsessed American who wishes that words could be transcribed into guitar solos.  A non-monogamous queer feminist who loves American football and BoJack Horseman in nearly equal measure.

How did you first get involved in being hilarious and creative? Were you born very dull & boring and had to work at it? Or did you pop out of the womb slinging jokes and dancing?

I was born weird but quiet and got louder once my puberty tits disappeared along with the conformity pressures of high school.  I've always loved theatre, but didn't hit the stage properly until university.  

Can you please tell us a bit about your performances at Melbourne Fringe?

Cosmonaut is my journey of getting over a broken heart using the worst sex tips ever written by Cosmopolitan magazine.  I read all 52 years of the magazine as “research” and also as a distraction from the aching cavity in my chest.  I came out with a new comprehension of the pressures on western women and copious information on how to stimulate the perenium.

Stupid and Contagious is a world premiere, brand spankin' new show in which I want to recreate the feeling of the greatest live music gig you've ever been to.  Unfortunately, there's no band.  So we have to create it together using makeshift drums, disco ball jackets, lots of 90s music, and all the feels we can muster.  It's an experiment, so each show will be a little different I imagine.  

img_7309-1Image courtesy of artist.

We also hear you are the writer and director of a third show? Tell us more!

I created a show that stars two brilliant actors – Claire Maria Fox and Jess Stanley – called ménage. This is an immersive experience for 2 audience members that takes place in a sex worker's flat in North Melbourne.  All the text of the show is taken verbatim from interviews I conducted with sex workers in Australia and the UK.  

What has been your favourite part of putting together your shows?

This one's easy – the rush of those special nights on stage when the audience is with you and you can just feel that you are all in it together.  Nothing more fun in the whole world for me.

What Fringe Festival shows will you be going to/what have you seen so far?

I've seen Erin Hutchinson's Come Closer Please Don't Touch Me (best use of a pillow as a makeshift penis I've ever seen!) and Lisa Skye's Spiders Wearing Party Hats (she made me cry!).  I haven't had a lot of time with three shows on but I'm desperately trying to make it to Deja Vu, Echoes, Bliss, and the comedy shows of Matt Harvey and Alex Cofield.

How does living, working, and travelling between different countries influence your work?

Different countries and even different cities elicit different responses from audiences – some are more quiet listeners, some are more energized and raucous.  So I never really know until I get there.  But I have learned that every country loves physical comedy with dildos and doughnuts.

stupid-and-contagiousImage courtesy of artist.

Who is your favourite comedian/performer/artist?

Oh, so many, but I'll say Daniel Kitson number 1 with very close runners-up being Bryony Kimmings and Stuart Bowden.  Also, the dancing moves of Thom Yorke.

Netflix: what are you watching?

Like everyone, I burned through Stranger Things and adored it.  Narcos Series 2 is next on my list.  I also just watched Stewart Lee's show from 2014 and think it might have been the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.  

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

8 years old - “It's just like your old bike.  Just jump on!”  (cut to:  Ryan crashing into a thorny shrub because adult bikes have handlebar brakes, not foot brakes)

Thank you Ryan!

Melbourne Fringe continues until October 2. Check out Ryan's shows - Stupid and ContagiousCosmonaut, and Ménage (Now sold out!). 

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