Cesar Marulanda, Playspace Studios, Albert Street, Brunswick Words and photos - J Forsyth

I’m sure when people invite you to their leaving parties they don’t expect you to turn up with camera in hand and demand attention.  Cesar certainly didn’t but that’s what he got from Melbourne Arts Club editor Karla O’Connor and myself last Saturday.


Cesar was born in Bogata, Colombia and has been in Melbourne for 10 years.  8 of which has been spent honing his craft as an artist.  Cesar spreads the love when it comes to his practice, painting one off paste-ups, stencils on canvas, t-shirts and my personal favourite notebook covers made from recycled materials.

While chatting to Cesar it became apparent that his approach to art is similar to Melbourne Arts Club's.  Caesar wants art to be accessible to everyone and that’s why he chose to paste up his work instead of pay to put it in a gallery.  The thrill for him comes from watching the work decay, become part of the environment and how the public reacts and relate to it.


With a workshop at Playspace studios in Brunswick, Cesar splits his time between market stalls at Blender Lane and working as a barista in North Carlton.  Operating under the artist name Ahora and the business name Oiga Design, check out his facebook page or keep an eye out at local markets.  Cesar is heading home to Colombia soon and we cannot wait to see what some time in his homeland will bring to his art.   Stay tuned.

Check out the link to hear Cesar talk about his art is his own words, mid party.