Belinda Rogers, The dreaming Seed, poetry on linen.  The Memo Art Gallery Healsville,  235 Maroondah Hwy,  Healesville. Devika Bilimoria, Discs. The Middle of The Air, 2 lux way, Brunswick.

Words - J Forsyth

Photos - J Forsyth, Devika Bilimoria, Navina Bilimoria.


Melbourne Arts Club editor Karla O’Connor and I often sit around thinking of stupid tag lines to sum up our publication.  Invariably, they are ridiculous, crass or are not even remotely art-related. Recently, when setting up a test on MailChimp – which is a service to manage email campaigns - Karla used one of the more inappropriate tag lines, which means I now receive emails from the service that make my heart skip: ‘Melbourne Arts Club, art for every c$%t’.

This week, two new possibilities were born, after a friend asked me to go to an exhibition with her friend who I had briefly met, who then invited her very dad-like dad: ‘Melbourne Arts Club, art for those who hang out with other people’s friends and family’.

Saturday rolls around and Karla and I are off to Healesville in my 2.5 seater ute to see the opening of Belinda Rogers’ new show, The dreaming seed.


Belinda’s show is running until March 2 at the Memo Art Gallery Healsville but if out-of-town is not your thing, Belinda is one of the featured artists in this Friday’s Melbourne Arts Club launch exhibition at Dark Horse Experiment. Make sure you come along and meet Belinda, and after you do, you will want to drive the 45 minutes to see more of her work.

Now, my ute is pretty grubby and doesn’t have air con, so when a friend who had never met Karla asked to come on the hour drive in 40 degree heat without a proper seat (a book was fashioned to fill the gap), my only thought was ALL ABOARD PALS! So tag lines number two was born: ‘Melbourne Arts Club, art for those who don’t mind sweating on their friends’.


Belinda Rogers’ work is poetry on linen and opened Saturday afternoon.  We’ve profiled Belinda Rogers here at Melbourne Arts Club . A practicing artist in the Yarra Valley for a number of years, Belinda is also a published poet and has exhibited her work extensively in fine art galleries.

The spiel about her work says: “Her work is created through techniques of layering oils which weave an emotive landscape in an attempt to project self though the observation of nature”.

Belinda’s work has such a presence in the space I couldn’t help but linger amongst the beauty, sipping my water and trying to absorb the fine details of each piece.  Minimalist at first glance, each piece is layered with beauty and depth, drawing in the viewer and captivating each audience into the natural space she is creating.  A red stamp rests as a signature on each piece, given to Belinda during her studies of ancient eastern medicine. This symbol represents and honours her teachers, and her continuation of their work and prayer.

Belinda’s work will be featured in the Melbourne Arts Club launch exhibition on 7 February and her show at Memo will run until 2 March, 2014.



Devika Bilimora’s show DISCS opened on Thursday night at Brunswick’s Middle of the Air, an architecturally designed space in the old Lux foundry building, which is the home of the National Food Institute.  The space is a mezzanine large enough to fit a decent sized crowd comfortably and intimate enough to create a buzzing atmosphere.


Devika’s series DISCS “…focuses on capturing imagined realms reminiscent of the micro and macro. They are a result of intimate research regarding these polarities and how they can be mistaken for one another. The elimination of reference points that would allow the viewer to accurately perceive scale encourages this ambiguity.”

Beautiful colours move and blend through each image mounted and framed in white.  Hanging in a line, the vibrancy created an intimacy and personality inviting the viewer to step closer and reflect on the detail. As a series the placement of each image was captivating.

Discs runs until February 21, 2014, Middle of the Air, 2 Lux way, Brunswick, 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday.