Blue Thumb

Words and photos - Freddy Grant

Introducing Bluethumb - Australia's online art gallery

In the deepest, darkest and seediest part of the Melbourne CBD, between strip clubs and the Rialto (perfectly juxtaposed?), lives the York Butter Factory. Something exciting is happening here, a tech revolution you might say. Digital entrepreneurs share this co-working space and so it’s the home to over 50 startups ranging from an ‘Airbnb for pets’ to things so geeky and technical us artistic types will probably never understand them.

Here's a typical day in the office:

It’s also home to the startup I work for, online art gallery Bluethumb. Obviously I’m a little biased but I know Bluethumb is awesome and helping to shake up the art world.  We are Australia’s leading online original art marketplace where art lovers can buy direct from Aussie artists. The number of artists selling on Bluethumb has doubled in the last year to over 1200 and our gallery now hosts 7,000+ works.

Online art sales are making it possible for artists to bypass the traditional (and incredibly difficult to crack) gallery system and make a living from day one. An abstract artist now living her dream is Annette Spinks. “Because of my online sales, I have been able to set up my own studio and gallery and work as a full-time artist”, she explains. Annette sells her art through her own site and ours. “Bluethumb has given me national exposure and the opportunity to sell my art all over Australia.”

AnnetteSpinks Annette Spinks in her studio


Anyway, enough about us. What I’m really here to tell you about is our incredibly talented and diverse artists. Watch this space for news about upcoming events, new discoveries and interviews. I’ll leave you with a few works by some of my favourites. Cheers, Freddy


Triceratops by Kim Leutwyler



Sweet Jane by Loui Jover



Stupendous by Annette Spinks



A Bit Cocky Too by Karen Bloomfield