Bucket's List

Words - Julia Howland Photos - Courtesy of Melbourne Fringe Festival

Everyone'e lonely. At least that's what the lonely people tell themselves. So us lonely folk and when I say "we" I mean "them" because I'm not lonely. I'm too busy writing silly things on the interweb that no one ever reads.

So these lonely people think everyone's lonely and that it's ok to be lonely. And it is. As long as you're nice. And nice people are never lonely because we have cats.

Or in some cases buckets. As in the case of our dear bucket salesman in Bucket's List. So the salesman who will be referred to simply as "Buckets," loves buckets and his job selling buckets. But soon his seemingly seamless life comes to a halt when the bucket manufacturing company goes bust.


Then he becomes a wedding DJ and realises his life is missing something.


So he goes on a loveless journey trying to find love.

But he doesn't.

And then he realises that love has been in front of him the whole time....BUCKETS!

Then he creates a bride out of buckets. And that parts kind of weird, but kind of sweet too?

Other things happen after this but I don't want to ruin anything for anyone because you should go see this yourselves. Bucket's List is a sweet, non offensive, weird-at-times but mainly beautifully charming  piece of work.


If you missed it at this year's Fringe Festival keep your eyes on more things by the good folks behind it:

Written - Sarah Collins

Performed  - Justin Kennedy

Barking Spider Theatre