caves - cave paintings-1

Photos - Evan Mery Words - J Forsyth

WHAT: new space CAVES opened with its inaugural show Cave Paintings -1.Cave 9

WHERE: Caves, Nicholas Building, Suite 18, level 6, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne.Cave 3

WHEN: Cave Paintings opened Friday 6 February, running from 5 February - 28 February, 2015.  Gallery hours are 12pm - 6pm Thursday - Saturday.Cave 8

WHO: Colleen AhernMichael BussellSarah crowESTLucina LaneMerryn LloydJacqui StockdaleKate TuckerJames TunksKim Vernon

Cave 7WHY: Caves is a curated non-for profit space opened by artists Storm Gold and Kez Hughes.

Cave 4

Cave 2