Charles Blackman Fundraising Auction, Mossgreen, 926-930 High St, Armadale Words - Tania Ivosevich

Photos - Courtesy of Mossgreen_92A0541 copy

Doing it for a good cause! Thursday night headed down to Mossgreen quite the fine establishment for the Charles Blackman fundraiser auction.

Overwhelmed by paintings and sketches that covered the walls, decades of art. Bertie Blackman explains prior to the intermate song she performs to the crowd. -It's a strange feeling seeing imagery from her childhood covering the walls.

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David Bromley speaks so fondly of Charles works explaining that the works on paper are closer to the artist, almost like a signature. Art is something you build a relationship with you form a attraction with it and you lust after it. Charles has been somewhere else maybe down the rabbit hole with Alice and I'm sure Bertie was with him too.

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There was a sense that Charlie's with us in the room. For more information contact Mossgreen.

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