Words and Photos - Evan Mery

What: Craffiti

Where: No Vacancy Gallery, Tenancy 32, Atrium Federation Square

When: 30 March - 19 April 2015

Who: Sayraphim Lothian, including work and inspiration by street artists Steen Jones, Barek, Braddock, Putos, Lifetime Stickyfingers, Suki, Philb, Malarkey, Trollz B’ Trollin, Astrotwitch, Erin Greer, Legojacker and Diabolical Robot Art

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Why: The Craffiti exhibit showcases what happens when you blend graffiti inspired artwork with soft handmade sculptures. The result is an awesomley quirky and playful collection of soft toys, that's a pretty fresh take on Melbourne's street art scene. It's in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, making pretty accessible for all. So be sure to check it out!


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