Curator Inquisition: Phollio

Words - Jess McGuire Photos - Courtesy of Phollio

Phollio, a collective of emerging artists and designers, are the stars of our latest exhibition at the Melbourne Arts Club gallery, and their opening night is happening Friday March 4th 2016. As they bustled around the building trying to get everything set up, we tagged along, tugging at their trouser legs and asking annoying questions in the manner of an inquisitive toddler. Here are the results - thanks to Sandy from Phollio for taking the time to indulge us!


Tell us a little about your group exhibition at Melbourne Arts Club.

Phollio gives opportunities for emerging artists (local and international) to gain exposure and showcase their work to the public. Each year, we like to hold art exhibitions where all sorts of artists can take part of, whether the artist likes to draw, paint, use mixed media, etc. Every artwork is celebrated, and we understand it takes guts to show people what you do. Phollio’s ‘OBSIDIAN’ art exhibition is just that, a celebration of art and expressing yourself through it. These artists are amazing, and we could not be happier with the work they have produced.

How did you first get involved in art - were you one of those little kids who always loved being creative, or is it something that came later?

I have always been a creative thinker. I loved art and excelled in the subject; however, my parents had always tried to suppress this when growing up as they did not want me to be a ’starving artist’ and preferred me to take a more academic route. But I was one of those snotty kids that if someone told me NOT to do something, I would do everything in my power to do it. My parents have given up on stopping me now, hahaha!


How did you select the works for this exhibition? What are the themes you are looking to explore?

We always make sure we choose creatives from all sorts of different art backgrounds, that way there is diversity within the art exhibitions and hope there is a piece to suit any individual’s taste. We weren’t particularly looking at specific themes, we left that up to the artist in what they wanted to show to the public. We always find it so inspiring and interesting seeing what people come up with!

How does living and working in Melbourne influence you?

Living in Melbourne always has the power to influence me in some way or another, Melbourne never fails to run such elaborate events that are bursting with beauty, fun and culture. It’s almost impossible to not feel inspired and motivated by it all. I always get a kick out of hosting these art exhibitions, that way I feel like I am contributing (or more-so making my way up) to the already-magnificent Melbourne culture.

Who or what do you turn to for inspiration on days when creativity just isn’t flowing?

When I’m having an artist block, I like to talk to my good mate Stefan. He always tells me to stop being a little bitch and to get back to it when I’m slacking off. It’s just nice to have a reality check when you’re feeling unmotivated and down, he’s a great guy to work with.

What is your favourite artwork of yours and why?

It’s funny how I promote artists to show their works, yet I dislike it when people see my own. I do have this one drawing that I love, its a cluster a trees fading into the distance. It’s quite a small piece but I love it as it always reminds me of the feeling when I am in nature, it just makes me feel peaceful when I look at it.

What is your favourite artwork of someone else’s, and why?

I absolutely love Erin Huber’s art. She is best known for her ‘paper cutting’ works. The fact she can take a piece of paper, have a few swift cuts here and there with a scalpel and turn it into a work of art is just mind-blowing. Her work is simple, yet holds such femininity and beauty.

Is there a piece in this exhibition that you’re most drawn to? Why?

From what I have seen so far, I really like Jemma Cakebread’s oil paintings. She executes the female form and emotion incredibly well through her work and manages to incorporate a bit of embroidery threading in her work which I find interesting. Be sure to keep a lookout of her work at the OBSIDIAN art exhibition!

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

“Do something that your future self will thank you for.” I actually read that from Lorna Jane’s Facebook page and it has just stuck with me.


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