DOUBT: A Parable at Chapel off Chapel

Words - Lucy Inch Photos - Simon Fitzpatrick.



WHAT: Doubt: A Parable

WHEN: 13 - 22 August, 2015. Booking times HERE!

WHERE: Chapel off Chapel, 12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran.

WHO: Directed by Stephen Wheat (Avenue Q) Cast: Penny Larkins (NED The Musical), Daniel Humphris (Flower Children), Tariro Mavondo (Jumpy) and Krista Thomson.

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WHY: 'Doubt: A Parable' centres around Sisters (Aloysius and James) and Priest (Father Flynn) in a New York convent during the 1960's, and the ensuing power struggle not only between the Father and Sister Aloysius, but even more chilling, himself and one of his young students. A word of warning, if child abuse isn't your bag, maybe give this one a miss.

This is a thought provoking drama, that isn't scared to highlight issues which are still so uncomfortable to talk about today. The acting was superb, and its a great little venue that everyone should experience at least once.

Plus, any play that's been adapted into a movie with Meryl Streep in it has to be good, right?
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