The Duck's Nuts

The Duck's Nuts, Kate McLennan, Melbourne Town Hall Lunch Room Running until 20 April, 2014

 Words and Photos - J Forsyth

Duck's Nuts, what does it mean to you? “Oh, that was the duck's nuts,” says old man who we will call Jim. ducks_nuts-2 In this case it's the Melbourne Comedy Festival show by Kate McLennan. No stranger to the (virtual) pages of Melbourne Arts Club, Kate is a Melbourne-based comedian who caused severe laughter convulsions with Standard Double, performed with Wes Snelling as part of last year's festival. ducks_nuts-11 This year’s performance is about having your ducks in a row. Appearing on stage in a duck costume, Kate caused laughter eruptions so strong, I had to cover my own mouth. I glanced at my friend-date; her sigh-laugh and knowing body shakes said it all. ducks_nuts-13 ducks_nuts-6 The Duck's Nuts runs until 20 April, in the Lunch Room of the Melbourne Town Hall. You’d be a total dick or duck (if you’re kiwi) to miss it.