Emerging Writers' Festival: Graphic Contents

Words and Photos - Evan Mery

What: Graphic Contents Exhibition Launch

Where: Thousand Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000

When: Tuesday 26 May - Friday 5 June

Who: Showcasing work from Lachlan Conn, Mandy Ord, Chris Gooch, Katie Parrish, Josh Santospirito, Nicky Minus, Simon Hanselmann, Jo Waite, Merv Heers,Leigh Rigozzi and many others. Graphic contents is part of the Emerging Writers' Festival running from 26 May to 5 June.

EWF Graphic-6

Why: The stories told were a fascinating blend of fact and fiction, humor and somber tones. It was without a doubt an excellent way to escape the winter chill, by grabbing a beer and enjoying some live readings from some of Australia's up and coming comic artists.

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