Festival of Live Art, 2014.  Footscray Community Art Centre, Arts House and Theatre Works March 14-30, 2014. The Festival of Live Art is running from 14 - 30 March, 2014, spread across Footscray Community Art Centre, The Arts House and Theatre Works.  Saturday March 15 is the opening party at FCACSunsets In The West starts at 5pm - 9pm and is boasted to amaze punters from the moment they hit Footscray.

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Not really sure what live art is? Then the live Art Escort Service is for you,  filling you in on everything you wanted yo know about live art but were too afraid to ask.  Running from the Arts House starting Thursday, check the website for escorts, oh I mean dates.

If you have Golden Plains withdrawal then the Live Art Dance Party is for you.  This sharply curated dance party is a one-off mash-up of live art, music and dance.  Ticket info and times here

Life is Short and Long . What does the GFC mean to ordinary people?  Emma Beech asks Melburnians on the streets and around the Arts House during FOLA – to discover how communities respond creatively to economic crisis.

There is a shit load more stuff to see, so check out the website and spread yourself between the three venues!

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