Girls on Film Festival

Words - J Forsyth Images courtesy of Girls on Film Festival

Girls on Film Festival (GOFF) brings feminism, cinema, music, talks and parties together for one weekend; 12 - 14 September at Northcote Townhall.  A film festival celebrating women, girls and feminism without making you want to cry-gurgle  'Good bye cruel world' while drowning yourself in tears.


Showcasing 10 films with strong musical themes from contemporary to cult, GOFF gives you introductions to each film, a few panel discussions after, a children and all-ages session, girl bands and parties. In short, GOFF is bringing it.

Book online for group discounts and because its easier and because I told you to.


My picks -  EVERYTHING!

For those on a smaller budget try The Punk Singer 4pm Saturday, T is for teacher 2pm Sunday,  Radiance 4pm Sunday and Heavenly Creatures 7pm Saturday.

heavenly creatures