Greta Parry '30'

Greta Parry '30'– John Curtin Band Room, November 30, 2013 Words and Photos - J Forsyth


Greta Parry is the type of person who doesn’t think turning 30 is a burden, something to be afraid of, or something to shy away from.  Greta Parry says ‘Hey 30, let’s have an exhibition’.


Opening for one night only in the John Curtin Band room, Greta Parry, or G-Paz as she is known, displayed her babies, her heart and soul – years of Melbourne band photography, framed, unframed and in lightboxes.  All for sale and all absolutely amazing!


Combining her love for music and film photography, this exhibition was the finest display of music photography I have seen.  Especially when you know is it ALL shot on film.  Over her time shooting gigs, Greta has made friends with the likes of Grizzly Jim Lawrie, Saskwatch and Eagle and the Worm. And what better way to celebrate this than to stage a music photography exhibition in a band room and have the bands play for your fans.Greta_Parry_Exhibition_article-3

Greta is our first feature artist in the Melbourne Arts Club online store, featuring her five favourite works. Everything that didn’t sell at '30' (which is not very much) will also be available through our site.




Check it out here! and if you are a musician or band that needs photography I would hit Greta up for original, classic and fucking awesome shots.