IPF needs you...

Words - Evan Mery Photos  - Courtesy IPF

What: International Photography Festival 

Where: Various locations around Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York City and Los Angeles.

When: Pozible campaign runs until 1 June 2015. Festival commences in November (if you give, give now)

Who: Work by various photographers. Founded by Joe Miranda (Hard Workers Club), Penny Modra (The Good Copy) and Rob Cordiner (Smalltime Projects)


Why: Since 2012, IPF have annually been holding exhibitions celebrating independent photography in and around Melbourne. You've been, I've been, lets keep it going and spread the IPF love to other cities and other countries.

Drink a few less pints this weekend, hold off on your 2nd pair of all-white trainers and give some cash to make this festival really shine. The pozible rewards are outstanding and giving makes you feel better about yourself.

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