JIFF 2015 - Forbidden Films

Words - Evan Mery

Photos courtesy of the Jewish International Film Festival.

The Jewish International Film Festival Holocaust Series runs from 12 - 25 March 2015. On the program list is Forbidden Films, screening 12, 17 March at Classic Cinema, Elsternwick.

VERBOTETEFILME_Presse_10_DieRothschilds Over 1200 films were made in Nazi Germany, and it was the art form of film The Third Reich's used as their primary tool for propaganda. As a result, an entire country was brainwashed with chilling effectiveness. Today many of these films are locked away in a vault, banned from the public. Although locked away, they are far from forgotten as there is much debate on whether their ban should be lifted or should never see the light of day. Analysing these films content, actors and vision behind the creators, Forbidden Films delves into the powerful effect that film had during the reign of Nazi Germany including decades later in today's society.


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