The Katering Show

Web Series by Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney

Words - Jerram Wurlod

Images courtesy of The Katering Show.

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The Katering show is a new web series made by comedians Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney. The show is a satirical take on the foodie culture and food cooking shows in general. Touted as - a journey of a food intolerant and an intolerable foodie - they cover a variety of foodie trends including Mexican, Ethical eating and sugar free diets not to mention the “Booze Revoose” to keep things real. Of course “real” is putting it loosely.

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The pair are also responsible for the web series Bleak but seem to have hit their stride with The Katering Show. With sharp, witty and well-timed laughs the pair take us on an increasingly disturbing journey into the world of foodies. McLennan and McCartney are not afraid to take it all the way and them some when it comes to poking fun at food fads and cooking shows.

Each episode appears to start with good intentions only to spiral into hilarious despair and self-loathing. Ultimately one aspect or another of the meal weather it be there complete inability to cook said meal or the fact that they cant afford said wonder machine leads them to the realisation of how pathetic there existence really is. The pace of the writing should be commended as they do a great job of taking each episode to the next level which keeps you looking for more.

The Katering Show has been incredibly well received. In particular the sugar free episode that pokes fun at celebrity chef Sarah Wilson. Her subsequent response on twitter helped to propel their show to viral status and also lead to articles in The Age along with appearances on TV shows such as Channel 7's Sunrise and Network 10's The Project. We new about it well before those commercial mobs, listing it in our weekly what's on Wreck Yo'Self as an arty indoors option to be consumed on one of your seven Mac products. But in all seriousness I hope that some networks really are watching and wondering why they didn’t front up to develop a show like this with these two talented individuals. I’m sure they would argue that this would be too risky and they have a lot to loose, when in fact by not taking some risks and developing original content they are loosing their audience to the Internet. Then again maybe we should hope things don’t take off too much for these two lest they run out of material once they get their fame and fortune.

A truly disturbing and hilarious journey into food culture and annoying foodies this wont be the last time we hear from these two and isn't the first time we have got behind Kate Mclennan.

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