KINK Found Festival opening party, The Shadow Electric. Abbotsford Convent. Photos - Ellen Duffy

Found Festival opened last Friday to a massive, enthusiastic and random crowd.  KINK planned to be "the booty-bouncing, soul-shaking, lip-smacking ode to all things body beautiful" was exactly that.  The crazy, weird, wonderful and all things in-between were on display, watching and dancing to the banging tunes from the like of Dj Miss Goldie, the Rebelles and many more totes hot babes.


The Festival closing party is tonight, same bat time, same bat place but a totes different theme.  KINK explored attitudes towards sex and sexuality, Ungodly! caps off Found Festival through three playful acts: Death, Life and The (Ever) After Life. Ungodly is shaping up to be even bigger and more eccentric than KINK so you will be a fool to miss it.

Tickets available pre-sale or at the door. _D3_5347