The Knowles Gallery, 318 Chapel Street, Prahran Words - Tania Ivosevich

Photos - J Forsyth

Opening- Knowles Gallery launch-9

Friday night, what's a girl to do in the big city? Checking out some local talent down town Chapel Street, that's what!

The launch of Knowles Gallery was the hip spot of choice, Tucked away in Prahran. When I say tucked away I meant it, you see a door, walk through it then up some stairs, past a gym (

yes correct ) past the Gym and bingo that's the sweet spot!

Opening- Knowles Gallery launch

The mood is unique and you find yourself wandering through art of such a collective mix.  On arrival we were 'almost' greeted with a live art show.

It had the most eerie vibe also surreal and you couldn't help but stare in wonder for what was next. Well that would be almost a flash mob dancing to 'journey' while they reach out to

onlookers asking them to join them for a dance.

Opening- Knowles Gallery launch-4

Talking to Matt about the eve he explained Knowles is all about Art. Simple really? They are trying not to make it more than it is. It's a gallery in a studio.

Inspecting one piece that stole our hearts, then getting a chance to chat to the creator Man of Darkness.  Discussing what you see in his work was a refreshing cool change. Relating

to your own experiences. Wasn't every girl at one stage growing up just a young thug with a cheeky attitude but still remained innocent by the world that surrounded them? I think yes!!

Opening- Knowles Gallery launch-8

If you are looking for some inspiration, to purchase, or just to enjoy some Art. Simply head down and check out and don't mind the salmon walls.

It's a work in progress.

Opening- Knowles Gallery launch-2

Opening- Knowles Gallery launch

Opening- Knowles Gallery launch-7

Opening- Knowles Gallery launch-6

Opening- Knowles Gallery launch-5

Opening- Knowles Gallery launch-3