The Lady Legend Behind Limedrop

Words - Julia Howland Photos - J Forsyth


Clea Garrick is yet another lady killing it on the fashion front. Melbourne based, ethical, rad, super down to earth and just an overall lovely gal to chat to; this label has us at our knees and wanting more!

We swung by her shop in the city to talk about her inspirations, future ventures and cats, of course.



Clea Garrick: Limedrop is a contemporary fashion label inspired by fun and the idea that anything is possible. The upbeat brand offers womenswear, soft lingerie, jewellery and funglasses in the finest and funnest way.

Julia Howland: How did Limedrop begin?

CG: Limedrop began as a response to my love of making things. I grew up in tropical Darwin and loved designing outfits for parties and my friend's birthdays. I moved to Brisbane to study marketing and fashion then to Melbourne to start Limedrop!

JH: Have you always been a fashion queen?

CG: I have always loved clothes and dressing up. I think when we look good, we feel confident to do the things that inspire us. I used to go more than six months without repeating an outfit, but nowdays I like to have my wardrobe full of great versatile pieces that make it easy to get ready and get on with living! Having great pieces in your wardrobe that suit your figure and your dreams makes life easier.


JH:What is your perfect print/pattern? What colours are you most drawn to?

CG: My perfect print is something that captures the imagination. My all time favourite Limedrop print is the Clouds, which we have just launched as a collaboration with eco-bedding label, ettitude. Truely dreamy!


JH: What is your favourite material?

CG: Silk for sure! It is cool and versatile- such a glamourous fibre. A lot of our print designs are on the silk base especially for spring and summer. Another favourite is the organic, sustainable bamboo lyocell which we have used in the Cloudland bedding range- it has a silk like handle.

JH: Who are your favourite designers?

CG: Designers who stay true to their vision and keep their eye on all the details, because that's what I think is the most important. Consistency and creative vision.


JH: What is one trend you see in Melbourne that makes you cringe?

CG: Hmmm, I tend to turn a blind eye to the trends I don't like.

JH: One article of clothing you can't live without?

CG: My black Limedrop quilt silk bomber! Seriously the best transeasonal piece in my waredrobe to date. It is warm in the body and lighter in the sleeve- it can be layered, it can be sporty, it can be dressy.

JH: If you could raid one person's closet, whose would it be?

CG: I think one of the ladies from Advanced Style- I feel like a lifetime love of fashion in a waredrobe would be the most fun!

JH: I tend to wear lots of black but I also have a cat. When do you suspect the "crazy cat lady" look will come into fashion?

CG: Never say never. Think you could be onto something!






Check out more of all things beautiful from Limedrop and Clea at and @limedrop