The Land That Time Forgot

Words - Julia Howland Photo - Courtesy of Melbourne Fringe Festival


Did you grow up in a small town? Did you live a life knowing something wasn't right and at the soonest moment you would run away as fast as you could and not look back until you found a safe hiding place?


Yea me too. And so did Luke Devine.

THe Land That Time Forgot

Luke grew up in a small town in Tasmania. Surrounded by beauty and family, it should have seemingly been a safe and stable childhood. But things were a bit more complicated than that.

Easting disorders, drinking and smoking before 12, homosexuality and low literacy is only the tip of the iceberg. Dysfunctional and familiar, his words hit home for many of us and opened the window to what small towns can really be like for the rest.

We were fortunate enough to watch his performance and he admits it will probably be the last time he reads it out loud. But it will be part of a collection of works to be released next year.


Written/Performed by - Luke Devine

Show - The Land That Time Forgot

No Longer Showing but check out The Luke Devine Project for more on this insightful dude