Linden New Art

Words and photos - J Forsyth linden_new-6

WHAT The Linden Centre for Contemporary Art is moving in a different direction with the name Linden New Art.

The Linden Art Prize opens tonight as the first exhibition under the new name. The Linden Art Prize is a non-acquisitive award established to celebrate excellence and nurture a new generation of artists.

“We hope that our new name provides a starting point for a conversation about the role of art in our daily lives and encourages people to visit Linden to see art made by living artists,” says Melinda Martin, Linden New Art Director.


WHERE: 25 Acland Street St Kilda

WHEN: Opening 6pm - 8pm. Exhibition running from  27 February - 3 May, 2015.


  • Stephanie Leigh - Feminine Flatpack (Yellow) 2014, Feminine Flatpack (Reclining) 2014
  • Georgie Mattingly - Love Songs from the Kill Floor, 2013, Abbattoir Shoot, 2014
  • Jessica Ledwich - The Inevitability of Gradualness, 2014, Hunter 2014, The Promise – Part 1 2013
  • Celeste Chandler - FourtyFour Beats per Minute, 2010
  • Susanna CastledenScrunched Ball (Pacific Ocean) 2013, Building the World (Mark II) 2013, Bermuda Sunset, Rottnest Sunrise 2013
  • Raymond CarterStripes 4 Black
  • Julian Aubrey SmithBasis, 2013, M.T. Space, 2013, Crafty, 2014, Amanda’s After Jeff, 2014
  • Yandell WaltonImpermanence, 2014. At a very fresh time this morning over coffee and pastries, The Linden Centre for Contemporary Art Director, Melinda Martin announced a new direction for the space changing the name to Linden New Art.

WHY:Don't be fooled by the giant mansion that houses Linden New Art, this gallery is all about NEW contemporary art, art that hasn't been seen before, NEW, like not old.