Lost Children Found: Madison Griffiths

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Another day means another peek into the life and work of the five artists being showcased at Melbourne Music Week’s Lost Children Found.

Co-presented by the Lost Children’s Project, the event will be headlined by Worlds End Press, will be filled with booze by way of Thunder Road and Starward Whisky, and will feature a popup gallery with the artists themselves creating art there in the flesh. Today, we chat to illustrator Madison Griffiths about life, creativity and the joys of Law & Order: SVU.


What have you done so far today?

This morning, I discovered that the stray cat I have affectionately referred to as 'Henri' over the last 12 months has learned how to use the dog door. I woke up with him purring on my face. Bless his soul. I then took my pooch for a walk, caught up with my grandma, and studied for the majority of the day.

What gets you up in the morning?

Usually the Messenger ringtone for when my overseas lover calls. That sounds poetic. Long-distance is a real arse.


Your work has definite vibes of youth, and the 20-something experience – how are you finding it (the 20-something experience, that is)?

Fantastic – perhaps because I live with my parents, spend too much money on hair dye, and am blissfully unaware of how to save my pennies. I endured a trillion existential crises in my mid to late teens, so aside from the occasional anxious outburst, I'm floating on just fine.

I think it's important, in your twenties, to forever second-guess yourself. I try to learn from the people that surround me and embrace my fluidity. I don't think anyone ever truly grasps who they are or feels wholeheartedly confident in their own skin, but it's nice to lay that bare. Adults are skilled in the art of pretending they've got it sorted. I myself am not.


When not intimate and detailed drawings, your work has a real humorous streak – how important is having a sense of humour while toiling away as a 20-something?

Do I sound like everyone you’ve ever known when I say, ‘it’s important to not take yourself too seriously?’.

I don’t think I mean that – the only way to ever truly succeed, to form passionate opinions, and muster the confidence to put yourself out there is to absolutely take yourself seriously. But all of those awkward anxieties that tingle at you daily, they can be stripped bare and made fun of. Feeling like a lazy failure on a Monday morning isn’t funny, but a piece of art captioned – insert a motivational quote about grabbing Monday by the balls here – is.


How would you describe your creative process? Do you have a daily routine that you stick to?

Not necessarily. In an artistic sense, none of that. I like to make sure I’m ‘in the mood’ before I start. If I’m not feeling it, I find myself procrastinating and opting for the easy way out. So, I generally spend the morning scrolling through my various media feeds and perhaps, if I’m feeling particularly robbed of inspiration, spending a little bit of time in a local op-shop. There’s often a myriad of funky denim jackets and questionable high-waisted pants that have the sort of fabric that begs to be drawn. I also... I guess like most people, listen to the album I’m digging at the time. At the moment, it’s Currents by Tame Impala. They are some serious love-sick vibes, that’s for sure.


If you weren't creating art, what would you be doing?

Most likely pretending to study, eating sickly amounts of microwaveable popcorn and catching up on Law and Order: SVU reruns. Oh, wait. That’s what I do most days.

If you had entrance music or a theme song, what would it be?

That’s a tough one. My cousin and I have memorised Monica and Ross’s ‘the routine’ from Friends. So I guess I’d just break out into those tacky dance moves if the accompanying music were to constantly follow me around. But, I mean – if I was feeling really sentimental, anything by #1 Dads.


I definitely spied a Law & Order: SVU reference in one of your pieces. Favourite Olivia Benson moment?

That’s an incredibly tough one. One of the recent episodes, when a revolting comedian makes a rape joke and Benson coldly stares in his general direction. I hope I channel the confidence to react to mediocre, white men the same way.




Madison recently exhibited her work at Melbourne Arts Club Gallery and Studio, and Daisylegs in Richmond! Be sure to check out the links below!





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