Love/City II - Of Time and Country

WHAT: Love/City Artist Run Festival.  Produced and curated by artist Arie Rain Glorie Love/City is taking place over three years in the form of three annual Artist Run Festivals.  This curatorial trilogy started in 2014 with Love/City I: LOVE in the CITYthis year (2015) is Love/City II: of TIME and COUNTRY and 2016 will bring Love/City III: The PLANETARY.

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WHERE: Testing Grounds,  1-23 City rd, Melbourne behind the Art Centre.

WHEN: TONIGHT TONIGHT! Friday 27 February 6pm - 11pm

WHO: Produced and curated by artist Arie Rain Glorie, featuring artists Amy-Jo Jory, Arika Waulu, Ben Byrne, Ben Landau, Beth Sometimes, Chiara Scafidi, Clark Beaumont, Dan & Moreno Giovannoni, Fiona Estelle Blandford, In My Heteroclitic Body, Jake Preval, Josephine Mead, Keith Deverell, Lyndal Irons, Marcus McKenzie, Michael Portway, Mira Oosterweghel, Nik Lee, Oscar Brittain, Telia Nevile, T.R. Carter & Stephen Gilette. 

WHY: We love an artist run event, so there's reason 1.  Testing Grounds is one of Melbourne best party/festival venues (when its not raining) reason 2. The festival allows the artists to share stories about how time effects our experience of the countries we inhabit, the countries we call home, and how we have come to love and hate these places.

MEDIUMS: photography, sculpture, installation, video, short film, writing, music, performance, sound, game design, and projection art

FREE, Wheelchair accessible , Rad.