Lushsux: Nude Murals

Words and Photos - Evan Mery

Who: Lushsux

Where: Hosier Lane, Melbourne / Gwynne Street, Cremorne


Elusive graffiti artist Lushsux is making quite a name of himself in the past couple of months with his series of nude murals popping around Melbourne and Geelong. For those unfamiliar with Lushsux, he's a Melbourne based graffiti/street artist, opting for a tongue-in-cheek and pop culture style of work (do yourself a favour and check out his Tumblr, it's quite magical).

He's been doing street art for a few years now, but it was his two story high mural of that nude Kim Kardashian selfie on Gwynne Street in Cremorne that made a fair few ripples across the world wide web. The internet was divided in two when people gazed upon the infamous selfie. People labeled it as 'immature', criticized it for making dumb people more famous than they deserve, and other simply exclaimed "Won't people just PLEASE think of the CHILDREN?"


Just as we thought Lushsux had his 15 minutes of fame, two more of his murals popped up in Hosier Lane, but this time around the controversy is more focused around the murals being censored by the Melbourne City Council. I've gradually begun to follow Lushsux's antics over the past couple of months and more than anything I've become intrigued by the volume of conversation revolving around his work. Why are is his artwork kicking up such a fuss? Censorship, dumb celebrities and an in-your-face style of artwork are but a few topics that surround his work.



Lushsux seems to enjoy taking images that we either feel uncomfortable seeing and plastering a huge depiction of it for all to see, and frankly, I really dig this style. He doesn't seem to care that his artwork makes people get their rage on in the comment section, in fact I get the feeling he embraces it. Freedom of speech is certainly a focal point of all of his work, and I have a high level of respect for any artist who sticks to their guns and does what the love no matter what his audience says or does. With another Kimmy K mural up in Sydney and in Sniders Lane in Melbourne, plus two gigantic seven story nudes in Geelong, Lushsux shows no sign of slowing down.






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