The Man Who Committed Thought

Words - Julia Howland Photo - Photo by Justyn Koh, courtesy of Tribal Soul Arts


We're all stressed. We all work too much. We all drink too much. We consume, consume, consume. We become overwhelmed by our everyday lives and rely on foreign substances to equalise everything. Sometimes it does and sometimes it REALLY doesn't. But at the end of the day we are still simply a product of our environment.

We tend to lose sight of things. Simple things like, talking to your mom on the phone (I'm American so that is the right spelling), having an over stuffed cupboard and falling to sleep on that big, luscious, warm bed.

We are all very lucky.

We are lucky to create and to exhibit freely. We are lucky to be able to say stupid shit on the internet and still have people dig us! Yew!

But this is NOT  lecture. This is simply an intro to a rather beautiful, funny and intellectual performance.

The Man Who Committed Thought had a last minute show last weekend and we were lucky enough to get a seat. It was an explorative show into the history of African culture. One man, Patrice Naiambana, depicts a dictator, an educated Englishman transported from Africa, a war criminal, and a villager.

We look at the separate lives and how they interact throughout times of pillaging, violence and death.

It's something we are all well aware of. We know that things have happened and things are HAPPENING. And Naiambana brings it to us in a very light hearted and perfectly performed manner.

Tribal Soul Arts is constantly pumping out similar works throughout the year. It's time we incorporate this realm of art into our everyday experiences and creative adventures. Maybe it will make us feel a bit less stressed when we know we're supporting something intrinsically good, not just worrying about what trainers to wear tomorrow.

The Man Who Committed Thought, Tribal Soul Arts