Word and photos - J Forsyth

Melbourne Art Fair 2014 is open and ready for you to enter its gapping arty-ness.  It's huge, it's beautiful and it's not just commercial.

This year Melbourne Art Fair has introduced MAF Edge for performing arts, MAF Video curated by Simone Hine and Kyle Weise from Screen Space and given great landscape to ARI's and emerging galleries.

Combining with a sexy range of established, modern and contemporary galleries, the fair in fairly- good, get it?

MAF-Article 1-13

Running until 5pm Sunday 17 August at the Royal Exhibition Buildings.  We did a pop-in for the launch and hungout with (listened to) the heavy hitters in Melbourne Art, Anna Pappas, Anna Schwartz, Barry Keldoulis and the Curator of the National Gallery Deborah Hart.

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There is a lot to see, so here are a few fav's to help you on your way.


Curated by Simone Hine and Kyle Weise from Screen Space.

MAF-Article 1-22

MAF-Article 1-19

MAF-Article 1-18

MAF-Article 1-29

MAF-Article 1-28

MAF-Article 1-21


Centre for Contemporary Photography presents the Sievers Project at the Fair as part of the MAF Project Rooms.

MAF-Article 1-ccp-1

MAF-Article 1-ccp-2

MAF-Article 1-ccp-3

MAF-Article 1-ccp-4

MAF-Article 1-ccp-5

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MAF-Article 1-17


Amy Spiers and Catherine Ryan present Closed to the public (protecting space).

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And incase you are thinking $30 is too much, Melbourne Art Foundation is a non-for-profit organisation, not a big business stealing your cash.

#melbartsclub and let us know when you go, Yo!