Words - J Forsyth and Karla O'Connor Photos - J Forsyth, Julia Howland and Andy Donohoe


What up fools, and by fools, I mean loyal followers and those who believe in good causes.

Melbourne Arts Club has a new site and to launch ourselves into the universe of art and love and to thank our artists and contributors we are having a launch exhibition.

Below is the campaign story laid out for you, or alternatively click on the link and check out our video (soon to be updated) and Apologies for the giggling!

There will be a series of small videos on each contributor and the artists involved coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled and check out our vimeo page.

I like eggs.

The story of the project

Melbourne Arts Club (M.A.C) is not a club, as such, but we liked the name and journal was already taken.We are an online publication documenting Melbourne's arts scene through word and image. We started off blogging and back in those days we would have come to your parties and scabbed your booze, but now we've gone and gotten all grown up so we invite you to celebrate the launch of our new site and business with a launch party and exhibition. This time, the booze on us (or kind of on you because we want some money)
. Artist - Drew Funk. Photo - Andy Donohoe. Profile - Julia Howland
It's not just a party, it's two years of hard work coming together for the launch of our business that will support emerging and established artists, provide a 'what's on' to spread the word about arty happenings, give a portal for artists to promote their work and exhibitions, and support our creative community. We also have an online sales site to give featured artists an opportunity to sell their work and make some money for a change. Beaches, Morning Ritual.  Photo - Andy Donohoe
We also support emerging writers and photographers who are our voice and eyes, documenting art, artists, punters and all of Melbourne's cultural goodness. M.A.C makes art accessible by reviewing events with the intent to showcase what is happening in a positive light. We do not consider ourselves art critics and do not provide critical analysis of people's work. We do not aspire to do this either. Pretension free, M.A.C is art for all people.
Chicks with Clicks.  Photo- Julia Howland
So what will be happening at the launch?The launch is an opportunity for us to invite the community, both arty and not, to come together and see what we're about. It's a way for us to thank those who have supported us so far and to charm the pants off those who will hopefully support us in the future. We want to bring people together, form a sense of community, inform people we are serious and passionate about what we do and very importantly, show you all a goddamn good time. Play Money, Counihan Gallery.  Photo - J Forsyth
We will be exhibiting the talents of past M.A.C featured artists and work from some of our clever photographers, with the opportunity to purchase. There will be booze, food, excellent music and visuals performed by local talents and of course, enthralling conversation with our brilliant M.A.C team.

Ian Strange - Suburban, NGV Studio.  Photo - J Forsyth