Melbourne Festival Hub, Alexander Gardens, Melbourne Words and Photos - J Forsyth

While purchasing a slurpie to lubricate my disgusting hangover, I pretended I didn't know fellow MAC writer Karla. She wanted a donut, but when she ordered two, I looked at her with shame and disgust plastered across my face and yelled out "two?" Being a little further back in the line, the woman standing after Karla, who would have assumed i was a stranger, couldn't have known what to think as Karla played along as if I was indeed a stranger. I can only imagine what that perplexed woman was thinking; something along the lines of 'wow, what a rude sticky-beak mole!' I suspect. This was probably the funniest moment of my life, or at least of my hazy Saturday.

IMG_5326Why am I telling you this? Because we were on our way to Melbourne Festival's hub and having a bloody great time doing it. Melbourne Festival is in full swing and the beautiful weather called for a visit to the epicenter. With free events daily, a bar, rotating food trucks, cool music and did I mention a bar serving delicious beers and other liquid delights.

Tomorrow is going to be a sunny marvel on the sliding scale on Melbourne's weather, so get on down and do some sitting, listening, looking, drinking or whatever and make sure you have some fun doing it.  Melbourne is hotter than Beyoncé, cooler than Jay-z and more fun than a donut joke in a servo, get out and enjoy it, we are!

P.s. Karla really enjoyed those donuts and did not offer me any.