Melbourne Fringe: Luka Muller

Image source: melbournefringe

What: Luka Muller Stand Up Comedy: Be Like Water

Where: The Courthouse Hotel corner Errol and Queensberry Street

When: 16th- 20th September

Who: Luka Muller, Comedian

Words: Sam Mather

With zeal and jovial effrontery, Luka Muller tackles his first full length solo show.  Expect improvisation and responsiveness to audience; expect self-deprecation and jokes about the life of a country boy growing up in anticipation of city life.  Muller’s version of stand-up approaches physical theatre as his volume, tone and pace become half of his comedic style; it’s the sort of show where you laugh when nothing’s happening and you’re not sure why.  ‘Be Like Water’ frequently becomes a telling story with genuine and quiet moments, bookended by hilarious and oftentimes inappropriate exclamation.   


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