Mixed Tape Review

Words - Rowan Mahoney Photos - Courtesy of Seemingly Evil Productions

Pop quiz: What was popular during the latter half of the 20th Century, are inextricably linked with musicians and could easily be fixed by carefully inserting a pencil into? If you said teenagers, then—wait, what? That’s...what? No, dude. It’s mix tapes. Mix tapes. Jesus.

mixtape1 From the curious minds that brought you last year’s Fringe Festival cult hit Office Party comes Mix Tape, the latest offering from the local legends at Seemingly Evil Productions. Anyone who had the good fortune to catch them last year will be delighted to know that the format hasn’t changed (short, sharp skits hammered out on a nearly barren stage, all under four minutes and all impressively acted), merely the breadth and depth of their weirdness. Personal favourites include The Bachelor: ISIS edition, Dora the Importer and How to Break Up with a Microwave That Talks Back (“That’s low. Medium-low.”). The writing has the knack of feeling like the sort of throwaway witticisms often exchanged between friends at a bar, expanded and taken to a surrealistic final destination. Can an SBS mid-year economic report be fully communicated by punch-dancing to Bangarang? You bet your cold, dead heart it can. And I think a lot of us would pay good money to hear Tony Abbott called a baby-eater during question time in parliament.

mixtape2 Skilful impressions and deft satire are what we’ve come to expect from this troupe but their timing and genuine chemistry is what sets this show apart. And let’s be real- the price of admission is easily covered any show that ends with a very angry German dance party. As if there were another kind.




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