MMVF 2014

Melbourne Music Video Festival 26/2/14 - 2/3/14 Words and photos - Julia Howland

If you missed the first annual Melbourne Music Video Festival, well, that sucks. It was awesome.


We sadly only made it to one exhibition, Retina Sounds, an exploration into music videos via installations by Misha, Cherie & Emma and curated by the good dudes at Silo Arts & Records. This playground of comfort and colour presented music videos from some pretty excellent labels and musicians. Ending the exhibition with a trip to Laundry Bar and the musical exploration continues!


We had a chance to catch up with Mel Edwards, who's the lady behind it all, and she shed some light on the project that is MMVF as well as who she is as a lady/person. Currently at RMIT for a Master's in Arts Management, she's strangely finding time to organise and create a thought-provoking and fun festival. We touched on the basic fundamentals of life:

  • Studying whilst working sucks
  • Having to rely on hospitality sucks even more
  • In order to get anything done you HAVE to force yourself out of bed at stupid times
  • Running/creating your own brand means no down time
  • Running/creating your own brand is endlessly satisfying
  • There's a lot of creativity that Melbourne is ready for but hasn't been exposed to yet
  • Creative projects seem to always attract lovely, talented people who will undoubtedly help you whenever they can
  • Visuals are cool


If you think about the best gig/show/concert/festival you've ever been to, chances are there was some kind of interesting compilation of visuals added for affect. So what if we added this element to every gig/show/concert/festival? The bar would be raised and our heads would explode from pleasure. And that's something I'm totally ok with.






MMVF_1Check out more of MMVF and the good gals (and guy!) behind it on their website.