Moonrise Kingdom Written and directed by Wes Anderson

Words - Jerram Wurlod

Anyone looking for a summer film to kill some time this summer shouldn’t go past Moonrise Kingdom. It will set your sense of adventure and love alight while also appealing to the smart-arse cynic in all of us. So whip on your kakis, tighten your hiking boots, zip up your tent and get ready to stab some punk kid or bureaucratic social service worker in the thigh with your scissors.

moonrise sam

Wes Anderson has given us another classic in Moonrise Kingdom. The focus is on the divide between children and adults.  We are presented with groups of children being pushed and prodded in different directions by depressed, rudderless, alcoholic parents and elders. Our protagonists, Sam and Suzy, are maligned by parents, teachers and peers alike. The setting is an Island off the west coast of the US. These star-crossed lovers escape their respective prisons. For Sam it is the useful yet ridiculously regimented Boy Scout camp. For Suzy it is her estranged parents and weasel brothers. Everyone is unanimous in their opinion that both Sam and Suzy are insane. Yet no one is willing to examine his or her own failings and inherent insanity.

The pair embark on a three day hike across the island to escape those whom they perceive to be the real crazies. We watch as Sam and Suzy literally and metaphorically navigate through these hazards on a journey to find love, happiness and somewhere free of hypocrisy. The whole time we are made aware of an imminent hurricane. The adults, seemingly blinded by there own bullshit are oblivious to this impending doom despite clear warnings highlighting the inherent hypocrisy in their own lives. As they track the children down they are confronted with the stark and sometimes ugly side of their own failings.

Set in the mid 60s the quirky style of this era fits perfectly with the oddball characters. Weird, funny and at the same time honest and illuminating, this ones well worth a look.

moonrise cover

*images courtesy of the interweb