Murti - Performance Art

Words: Sam Mather Photo credit: Melbourne Fringemutri photo

Who: Devika Bilimoria

What: Murti: Contemporary Interactive Performance Art

Where: Blender Studios, 110 Franklin Street, Melbourne

When:1 - 2 Oct, 2015.

Why: “A bizarre ode to our contemporary reflections on ancient practice”, Murti is a contemporary take on an ancient Indian ritual.  The Shiva Lingum is a phallic statue that symbolises all of life and creation in the Hindu tradition.  The Lingum has been recreated in Melbourne Australia by up and coming visual artist Devika Bilimoria who responds to her Indian heritage by inviting people to pour paint over the Lingum.  In a traditional culture, water or milk or ashes might by poured over the Lingum in a respectful ceremony to honour the Gods; In a contemporary and multicultural society we are allowed to appropriate such a ceremony and ask ourselves: What is sacred?