NEW YORK CITY, A Melbourne Arts Club Report Words and photos - Julia Howland

Some of us have been lucky enough to get lost in New York City for the last bit of 2013. Gang Starr on repeat, at least three slices of pizza a day, endless cheap cigarettes, craft beer and A LOT of fucking art.


The Guggenheim offered Christopher Wool, MoMA showed us a bit of Magritte and Hopper, and the Met reminded us of the classics. And better still were the small independently run galleries, museums and pop ups that illuminate with cultural creativity.


HumanNYC took their tops off for a giant leap into feministic encouragement. Much like 101 Vagina, which was covered a few months back, the gals at HumanNYC shoved feminism in the face of New York and said “Hey tits are cool, and NOT obscene.” There seems to be a driving force behind letting NYC know that showing a bit of nip isn't actually illegal.  We love loopholes in the law, especially when it comes to showing off that beautiful figure that is the female body.


And yet another fab lady in the scene was Elizabeth Lee, who showcased her very powerful and intimate screenplay (un) real at the Gene Frankel Theatre. She's been working on it for some time, with an intensive three month prior to opening, and  we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse on the opening night. Catherine, played by Andrea Lynn Green, is living the typically daggy but exciting NYC life as a young twenty-something. Striving to find a job, a purpose and a place (sound familiar?) she is always constantly battling her very tumultuous past. There's something really special about watching a performance where you are actually part of the stage. There's a directness and connectivity with the actors that is unlike being anywhere else.


New York City is this constant hub of creativity and excitement. It just doesn't stop. And its not just rad people putting on shows or exhibitions, its EVERYWHERE. Every corner, every street light, every person. That place is unreal. So if you haven't been to NYC, you're an idiot. Get amongst it!

Mad props to muh ladies on the other side!






The Reckless Theatre Group

Human Gallery, NYC