Nite Art 2015

Tenderness Journal Curator, Clara Bradley's Highlights

Words - Clara Bradley

Photos - Blake Ross

We started with the unassuming Victor Burgin work A Place To Read at Screen Space, which offered a poetic narrative as if page turning interspersed with 3D Visualised film. Following we walked through studios in Total House to see a further extension of Screen Space, Julia Weisenberg's architectural slide-esque, two channel video of an unrealized structure, Nothing to Retain, projected onto cold concrete amongst city rooftops and pale lit office blocks.

Total HouseWe were lucky enough to catch the end of Eliza Hutchinson's for her show at Murray White Room, awry, large scale photographs of wide-spread linear form of personal portraiture for the artist, I was most struck by an a scene portraying a focal point brass window edge and pink glistening in distance (a show from a ferris wheel).

West Space
The Nite Art excitement was palpable on Flinders Lane with a smattering of galleries open late, projections of greying portarits projected, huge over brick walls at GoGo Bar, mulled wine and interactive drawing pieces at Flinders Lane Gallery, the viewers were flowing on the street. If anything we wished Nite Art would extend hours in 2016 - with so many incredible occurences of expression spread throughout the city it seems impossible to see all of the wonders on the night!GoGoBar

Evan "The Intern" Mery's Highlights

Words and Photos - Evan Mery

Our night started at the Melbourne Athenaeum Library. Here we discovered a micro installation by Ruth Johnstone depicting the traditional and modern library landscape. The result was a cool collection miniature book shelves and laptops sculpted in a minimal aesthetic. Nite Art-1

As we made our way up to Franklin Street we arrived at the Dark Horse Experiment. Adrian Doyal's "Never Forget to Remember" projected video onto the gallery's outer windows and inside the artwork, in an array of mediums, depicted a sort of surreal suburban landscape. I couldn't really put my finger on it but the blending of video, painting and sculpture created a strange sense of unsettling nostalgia.

Nite Art-7

Nite Art-5Literally next door, the fine folk at The Blender Studios were kind enough to open their work areas to the public so we were lucky enough to have a peek into their work spaces, as well as checking out their new exhibited artwork.

Nite Art-9Nite Art-8

Our final stop of the night was Light Speculation, a space drenched in a sort of florescent lighting. I reckon one of the main reasons I spent some time in this gallery was how the artists were able to blend science and various mediums of art together. Several times the organic form across the artwork reminded me of peering through microscope and seeing an array of microscopic creatures.  Nite Art-11

Nite Art-12