Nite Art 2014

Words - Julia Howland.

Time for an adventure ya'll! The second annual Nite Art is here and we're going exploring.

2012 IAN POTTER MUSEUM OF ARTLate night at the Potter Museum photograph by Jodie Hutchinson, courtesy of Nite Art.

The days are super short right now and it means more time to be stealth and seductive at night and wandering the creative spots of Nite Art is the perfect excuse to put your fabulous winter fashion on and get out of the house. So the CBD is broken into eight precincts, there are more than 80 artists and heaps of artists talks and workshops....ALL IN ONE NIGHT!

Oh god! We're just so excited. We're thinking of starting at ACMI, migrating towards Edmund Pearce and Chapter House. We'll definitely be checking out the screen printing workshop at West Space then trying to see everything we can until finally ending up at Shebeen for a bit of artistic music and mostly excellent dancing. The night will be a playground for people who love art and fun.

Choose your own journey here.

And don't forget to #your pics #melbartsclub so we can see where you've been.